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Time to Slow Down

Posted on 5 September, 2020 at 17:17
It seems that this is a time for slowing down, going inside and reflecting on our values.
The corona virus has altered what we took for granted as "normal"
and how we interact with others and ourselves.
Looking back to early last year I was already getting this message after a traumatic fall which left me with a shoulder broken in 3 places.  I re-read what I had written from my hospital bed at the time and see that the lessons apply even more this year as we experience these changing times.
I'd like to share this now.

April 29th 2019
We thrive off of doing. Often rushing if not in our bodies in our minds. Ahead of ourselves before the moment is over. What next? What to do ? Who to Call? Who to see?
It’s even built into our language….. Run to pick up groceries, grab a bite to eat, throw something together, be it an outfit or a meal.

So many schedules we create for ourselves, so many important things to rush through. We even leave them to the last minute just to experience the extra pressure.
I was in that mode. Not for any particular reason. I just was. I literally fell into the trap of rushing time. 

I'm running across the living room to iron my outfit.
Suddenly my feet stopped in their tracks but the rest of my body kept going. I went sailing through the air and crashed on the floor. My shoulder hit hard and I could not move the left side of my body. I lay there in agony sweating and shaking in disbelief and shock. From rushing to not being able to move.

Deep breaths helped me stay present. It flashed through my mind, its morning and Jess would not be home till night. I might die here. I have to get to a phone.

Somehow I inched across the floor fully aware now of each painful movement. Each one carefully, very Carefully examined. Would I snap? Would I make it? I have no recollection of how I finally reached my phone on the counter. I know grace had a hand in it. Rescue was on the way. A dear friend  was at my side in minutes.

I wondered what would have been different if I had just slowed down in my body/mind and let them work together. Take in life instead of trying to beat it. What if I had taken that walk across the room with careful awareness lifting each foot instead of trying to “get there.” I might have arrived in one piece.

Oh I know things happen. We don’t need to get down on ourselves for what we didn’t do. But to be aware of them is the key to change.

Even in these later years of my life there is still time to slip into the rhythm of my own body and dance its dance. Not just jog along to the frenetic pace of the world to who knows whose tune.
I know this place,  I remember it in my soul. I have to keep returning to it again and again until one day its where I live all the time.

Love and Light

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1:47 on 6 September, 2020 
Great story...
Say more!
4:47 on 13 October, 2020 
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18:31 on 22 October, 2020 
Like you, I have also learned lots of valuable lessons because of Covid19. I was able to understand things better, not to take even the small opportunities for granted and how to become grateful as well in everything that I have. But of course, my only wish today is for the virus to end killing people and making things harder for the world. We are all suffering because of this and I hope that everyone is doing just fine despite of all these negativities. And just like what you have mentioned, I also believe that this is the right time for us to slow down and think of our lives and decisions as a whole. Thank you Lynn for such a wonderful message. I hope you are doing great.
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