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Rebirth Of The Feminine

                                      We will meet via Zoom in an intimate group on the following days:

                                                        Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2023

                                                             1 PM - 4 PM  EST / 6PM - 9PM  UK

                                                    (no previous experience of breathwork required)

We are so delighted to be offering this 2-day workshop together. Following our recent interview on the Shift Network’s Breathwork Summit which gives an overview of how two generations have come together to share our experiences and beliefs about the birthing energy and its part in the Rebirth of the Feminine.

Do you feel and hear Her calling? The Great Mother is whispering to us, calling her daughters and sons to trust the inner voice that beckons them to be stewards of the Great Rebirth of the Feminine.

This weekend we will open to deep insights of the divine feminine, not only as a cosmic creative force, but as the presence of the divine within. When we reach into the depth of our being and tap into the potential that is already available, we ignite our passions and bring them into the light. As we do this, we move out of our comfort zone beyond the limited perception of self and are guided to take ownership for our lives and our environment.

An essential part of this connecting is with the natural elements that nurture and sustain us, both within our own being and on the planet. These elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether and as they bring rebirth, change, and renewal to Mother Earth, they do so within us. Each have strong feminine aspects ready to be acknowledged and given expression through us when we align with them and bring them back in to balance.

In this gathering we will connect with the divine feminine through Conscious Connected Breathing, the wisdom of the natural elements that sustain us both within and without, and group participation.

This is such a crucial time for healing and bringing forward the best in ourselves, for our lineage and for our planet. We look forward to welcoming each of you.

The sessions will be 3 hours each day

Exchange: $120 (£100) for both days

For questions please connect [email protected]

In this weekend of self discovery you will:

  • Create a circle of guides to support you on your journey
  • Reclaim the feminine aspect of the divine within to bring yourself into balance and wholeness
  • Connection with the natural elements within and without
  • Moving beyond our comfort zone, beyond our perception of ourselves.
  • Make an impact on our lives and the environment
  • Reclaim your Intuitive process - tapping into the wisdom of your heart. Remember how to speak from the heart.

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Upcoming Events​

April 15-16


 Rebirth of the​ F​eminine

  Emerge, Awaken, Express

    Online Zoom w/

 Lynn & Kerry Veitch



   5 Weekly 


  7 - 9:15 PM

 Breathe the Goddess

   UK: Wednesdays, May 3 - May 31

   US: Thursdays,     May 4 - Jun 1

Online Zoom series w/

       Lynn Veitch


Breathe the Goddess

Every man and woman holds the potential of feminine energies and divine attributes of the Goddess.

These attributes are creative, intuitive, assertive, nurturing and empowering.

This is the time to awaken these energies. We already have an abundance of the building, logical and technical masculine energy that has its place within and without. Our planet and our lives are calling for balance and co-operation with the natural forces that can be awakened within.

For 6 weeks we will immerse ourselves in the attributes of the Goddess and receive them fully through the power of breath.  We will have the opportunity to:

  •   Experience the transforming power of Pele
  •   Open to the compassionate Heart and gentle strength of Kuan Yin
  •   Connect with the natural world and the healing power of Brigit
  •   Align with the inner wisdom and creativity of Saraswati
  •   Embrace the many aspects of abundance and blessings of Lakshmi
  •   Embody the courage and discerning power of Durga

You may attend all or individual sessions.

The 6 week series is $160.
The UK gathering begins on Wednesday, May 3, 7:00 - 9:15 PM UK

The US gathering begins on Thursday, May 4, 7:00 - 9:15 PM US (EST)

The sessions will be offered via Zoom.

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Contact:  [email protected]