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Focused Breathwork

Opening to it is the only way through it ... Breathe!

Breath of The Goddess

Every man and woman holds the potential of feminine energies and attributes of the Goddesses.

These attributes are creative, intuitive, assertive, nurturing and empowering.

This is the time to awaken these energies. We already have an abundance of the building, logical and technical masculine energy that has its place within and without. Our planet and our lives are calling for balance and co-operation with the natural forces that can be awakened within.

This 6 week journey with the goddess energy facilitates this awakening through embodying

the feminine attributes, inner journeys, tapping and conscious connected breathwork.

You may attend all or individual sessions.

Each session is $30. The 6 week series is $160

The gathering begins on Thursday, February 16, 7:00 - 9:00 PM EST

The sessions will be offered via Zoom.

To pay by credit card:   6 Week Series   /   Individual Session

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Rebirth Of The Feminine

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Thursdays, Feb 17 thru

Mar 23

7:00 PM EST

 Breath of the Goddess

Online Zoom course w/

       Lynn Veitch


March 11-12


 Rebirth of the Feminine

  Emerge, Awaken, Express

w/ Lynn & Kerry Veitch

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From The Shift Network

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This year I am excited to be participating at the Breathwork Summit alongside my talented niece from the UK, Kerry Veitch.

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Birth to Rebirth - A Sacred Ceremony

Monday, Jan 9,  8pm EST